Science and news number 1457 

Lebanese civil, social, cultural, and human rights association, non-partisan, non-political, non-sectarian, and non-religious, working for the public benefit and not seeking profit 

Address: Al-Matn Al-Ala - Baabda District - Qubai' - Al-Qaqour District Street 201 - Building 218 - Ground Floor

The organization's goals:

The association aims to combat poverty in all its forms and manifestations 

Promoting the principles of equality and active citizenship - spreading a culture of human rights in society  

Providing assistance in relief work and assistance in disaster and crisis management 

Supporting marginalized groups in society, especially women, youth, the disabled, children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups, and linking them to economic, social and cultural empowerment programs In order to achieve its goals, the association seeks to implement various projects and activities