We are Monstraphic

Monstraphic VC is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Lebanon foundering 2012. We combine the Monster – the unnatural aspect –with the fundamentals of graphic design and advertising, delivering a unique visual language to promote and elevate your brand in a very unique way. We call it Monstraphic!

Why Us Monsters Do It Better 

It’s not by chance that we call ourselves monsters. A monster’s main qualities are strategy, threatening force, expertise, and always leaving an impact, and this is exactly how we provide our services and why we adopted these qualities as our values.


Strategy is the key. We get to know our clients well so that we provide them with exactly what they need and we always have a plan, and a backup plan, and a backup to the backup. We create identities for companies and associations with our strategies.

Threatening Force 

We make the presence of our clients a threatening force in the market, we make them stand out from the crowd. We make them fierce and irreproachable by competitors, as we make them customer magnets through the digital force we put into our work.


Expertise makes it easier as well. Our team, eager to learn and to provide la crème de la crème to meet our customers’ expectations on a daily basis. Our dear designers have enough experience to work in any chosen field and deliver professionalism on a silver plate.


We make an Impact. We understand what works, what doesn’t work, and why it doesn’t so we can change the situation in our favor. We use this to our advantage to leave an unforgettable mark.

What We Do

Digital Marketing

Social Media takes a toll on life as we know it. We understand the roots of social media and how to promote your brand on it with our best marketing strategies

Graphic Design

From designing stationary to billboards and everything in between. You have a monster’s word, there is NOTHING we cannot do.

Corporate Branding

We help you begin, continue or reset your identity to stand out from the crowd, to let your competitors see you as a threat, or on the bright side a worthy ally

Marketing strategies

We provide effective marketing strategies to elevate your work and to reach goals higher than those you have set. 

 Web And App Development

We give you an online presence from simple brochure-like to e-commerce websites.