Charcoal Kingdom

Introducing coal kingdom


"Coal Kingdom" is a specialized company in the field of coal trading in all its forms. Established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, our company provides high-quality coal products and exceptional customer service to clients in the UAE and the region.

 Our Vision

 We aim to be a leader in the coal trading industry by offering high-quality products that meet the evolving market needs. We are committed to providing a unique solution for our customers' coal requirements, including its use in shisha. 

Our Products

  •  Natural Coal We offer a diverse range of natural coal, including coal used for energy generation and heating. This type of coal can also be used in shisha to enhance the shisha experience. 

  • Industrial Coal  We provide various types of industrial coal used in different industries. It's also suitable for use in shisha. 

Coconut Charcoal

 Our premium coconut charcoal adds a delicious flavor to grilled and cooked foods. It can also be used for a unique shisha experience 

Coal in Shisha

We understand the importance of using coal in the world of shisha, as it provides the ideal heat for vaporizing tobacco and producing distinctive smoke. We offer a variety of coal types to suit shisha enthusiasts, including natural coal, industrial coal, and coconut charcoal.

Our Commitment to Quality

 We ensure the quality of our products through meticulous monitoring of manufacturing processes and careful selection of raw materials. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations and perfectly meet their needs. 

Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. We aim to preserve the environment and reduce our impact on it. Environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of our operations. 

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 Corner Cairo Road 46 street, Al Mamzar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates