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An upscale community that simulates your aspirations

our definition 

  • It is an economic gathering par excellence that includes a group of businessmen and women from around the world.The club supports and develops businesses in various fields and promotes trade and investment exchange between countries. 
  • It was founded by Tiger International Group, a leader in the field of business development and public relations in the world, as the number of its clients exceeded thousands of businessmen, women and community members.
  • Tiger provides its members with the most important investment, commercial and service opportunities, as It works to attract investors and secure investment opportunities for them from around the world. 
  • Accordingly, Tiger International Business Club was launched in the UAE - Dubai to be the first platform and reliable reference for their commercial and professional businesses in various parts of the world. 
  • The club is characterized by a wise and professional management in the field of management and international public relations. It has representatives in many Arab, European, Asian and African countries, in addition to the volume of international partnerships with Arab and European organizations and federations 

our coals

Tiger International Business Club seeks to achieve the goals of the World Investment Organization to develop commercial, technological, industrial, tourism, real estate and other investments in the Arab world and the world. 

  1. Growing and developing startups and training them to be eligible to enter the global markets.
  2. Creating and merging Arab and international companies within private investment groups to create a support force among them and to establish joint businesses
  3. Creating investment opportunities for all investors in their home countries 
  4. Spreading the concepts of love and peace among the homelands.
  5. Obtain the benefits, discounts and special invitations issued by the club periodically 
  6. Creating an investment pool containing projects and investments available all over the world 
  7. Shedding light on our Arab companies and institutions and showing them to the world 
  8. Highlighting the most prominent investment projects around the world 
  9. Helping all businessmen and women to establish their own projects 
  10. Achieving economic and development integration among the club's associate members.

Why Should You join us?

  • To obtain the most important investment opportunities around the world 
  • To be part of the largest network of international relations
  • Because we are a licensed club within the assets
  • Because we are the guarantee and security for your future projects
  • Because we are your gateway to enter the global markets 

our mission

Spreading the values of economic and development integration, exchanging expertise, experiences and knowledge, developing skills and capabilities, unleashing energies, and achieving the principles of cooperation and alliance in business, entities, and economic and knowledge activities

 Terms of Affiliation

  • Having completed 18 years of age and obtained all your civil rights 
  • Having a good reputation in your field of business
  • Being an owner of a company - factory - institution, owner of a social, educational, cultural entity or partner 
  • Filled out the affiliation form with the company's stamp and signature 
  • Approved and adhered to the terms and conditions of accession 
  • Completed the required documents and pay the fees  

Affilation Categories


Owners of investment, commercial and other projects can obtain it


Owners of companies, institutions and factories can obtain it


Women, men and all members of society (Lawyers, Media Professionals, engineers and others) can obtain it


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